About Us

An innovative forward thinking mental health service,

who puts children’s wellbeing at the core of all we do and always aims to make a tangible, significant difference in their lives.

TPC Therapy was founded by Shahana Knight in 2012 when she was 24. She had grown up with her own experiences of childhood trauma and as a result has been on a mission to help children feel loved, understood, and noticed ever since. In the early days, TPC Therapy was a play therapy service, providing support for vulnerable children in the deprived areas of Manchester, Salford and Warrington.

As Shahana grew her therapist team she ran the business alongside raising two children under two. Over the years, as Shahana grown in knowledge, experience and expertise, so did the business. She noticed gaps in the industries she worked in and in response, developed our signature programs and services. The goal was now, to not only support the children but the teachers, foster carers and professionals working with the children every day. Upskilling them in trauma informed, therapeutic approaches to ensure they could offer the children they worked with the very best care.

In 2020 Shahana’s husband Duwayne left his full-time job in the audio and visual industry and joined TPC’s mission. Together they have transformed the company into what it is today, an ever expanding, innovative service offering online solutions to companies big and small and making impactful changes in both the education and care industries.

Everything we do makes an impact

We work with people who want to make a real impactful difference and change the lives of the children they work with. It isn’t about ticking a box, it is about embedding approaches and about changing lives. This is at the heart of all we do, we walk away from every contract knowing that we helped change mindsets, skillsets and have made a significant impact on the children and families in some way and also inspired people along the way. Every decision we make, every course we create and every step is toward helping one more child realise that they do not have to be defined by their trauma.


So what is the big vision? It’s simple really, to help children heal from trauma and understand that no matter what adversity they may have faced, they can do, be and have anything they want in life. They deserve to flourish, be loved, find happiness and fulfil their full potential. 

We are starting by raising standards in two core industries - education and care. Both industries are designed to support and teach children, yet there are elements of both that simply do not work for those who have experienced trauma and as a result they feel rejected and unworthy. They get lost in the system, get kicked out, moved around and so, society fails the very children who need their help the most. We have specialised in supporting both education and care with the aim to fill these gaps and raise standards- making the difference when it counts that will help children become young people who can flourish.

Our Team

We cannot do this alone and so we have found a wonderful team to help us! We make sure that everybody who works with us at TPC Therapy shares our vision and puts children at the heart of all they do. Whether it is our Play Therapists, Quality Assurance Manager and even our Digital Team! Everyone at TPC Therapy is committed to making a difference.

Work with us:

We are always looking for therapists to join our ever-expanding team. If you would like to work with us please get in touch info@tpctherapy.co.uk
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