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Therapy through Play and Creativity

Our director Shahana Knight is on a mission to change the way we address mental health and wellbeing in England, particularly in education. With her vision for 'therapeutic schools' she works every day to help schools across the UK to change their practice and environments to support the children’s emotional and mental health. Shahanas 'Therapeutic Schools Approach' which has recently been featured on BBC's Newsround. 

Shahana appears regularly in the educational magazines 'Head Teachers Update' and SecEd with a segment called " Therapeutic Teaching Tips". She delivers courses around childhood trauma and mental health and wellbeing to schools and foster carers. Shahana  sits on two foster care panels and is a governor at a primary school. She also manages her team of 20+ amazing play therapists.

Shahana has a wonderful team of play therapists who work with dfferent agencies and schools across the UK supporting vulnerable children who have experienced trauma. Through play therapy they help children express, explore and come to terms with their experiences and begin to move forward.



We believe all children who have experienced trauma should have access to therapeutic interventions

Addressing issues around mental health and emotional wellbeing is essential for healthy development and should be a priority in childhood. A great many children in need of therapy are not receiving it and we want to change that!

Children who are dealing with traumatic experiences are not fully participating in school, life or relationships and this can be difficult for both the child and those around them.

These children need therapy to help them explore and work through their experiences in order to be able to flourish in life and move forward. At the same time, teachers, foster parents, adoptive parents, parents and professionals need support and training to learn how best to support these children and learn more about how trauma impacts development and learning.

Children Are at the Heart of Everything We Do!

Our mission is to support as many children as we can and help to make a difference in their lives. We put children at the heart of every decision we make with regard to our therapy sessions and how we run the company itself. Children come first with us! We do lots of different things to support you such as providing therapy, training, cpd, classroom sessions ( see our services page)

We have an amazing, caring team of clinical therapists to support you. We are a mobile service and work all over England such as, West Yorkshire, Wales, London, Manchester, Stockport, Warrington, Liverpool, Bolton...in fact we come to wherever you may need us!

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We Need To Address Childrens Emotional Wellbeing and MentalHealth Today More Than Ever!


Supporting children with their emotional and mental health can make a huge impact on the people they become, the decision they make in the future, whether they continue education and whether they have healthy relationships. Let’s not let their trauma define them!

Studies show that play therapy interventions have a positive impact in 83% of cases which reflects significant impact on the wellbeing of children and young people.

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