About Us

We‘ve been supporting children’s mental health for nearly 10 years and in that time we have seen the awareness and understanding of mental health grow, however, we have also seen the number of children struggling also grow.

Children often show us they are struggling through their behaviour which can be difficult for both them and the adults around them to understand. We help everyone recognise what is going on behind the behaviour, and upskill and support you, so that you can upskill and support them!

TPC Therapy Team Shahana Knight

Our Mission

Our work helps raise children and youn people’s self-awareness, self-belief and emotional intelligence so they have the tools they need to flourish in the world.

No matter what a child’s experiences, they should not be defined by their trauma, and it is our mission to ensure they know this.

We specialise in:

Childhood Trauma/ Stress
and Insecure Attachment

Our Aims

Children are at the heart of everything we do, and we aim:

To raise the standards of the education and care system

To help children realise they are not defined by their trauma

To help every adult working with children to feel empowered to make a difference

To ensure real, tangible, significant outcomes for children and young people, socially and emotionally

To raise the self-awareness, self-belief and emotional intelligence of children and young people

To embed trauma-informed, attachment-aware approaches into the sector

To redefine ‘bad behaviour’ and behaviour management techniques

To fill holes in the industry through innovative, forwardthinking approaches that cultivate real long-lasting impact and actually meet the needs of the children day-to-day

We have worked with and appeared on:

BBC, Victim Support, Foster Talk, Headteacher update, newsround

Our Core Team

“TPC therapy is innovative and responsive and we have developed an incredibly useful bank of e-learning with them which will be invaluable to the team. Shahana and team are very approachable, knowledgeable and listened well to all our requirements and they are incredibly hardworking which has made this such an easy piece of work to manage and deliver together.”

Ellen Milazzo
Head of Homicide Service at Victim Support

Our Amazing Associates

We couldn’t do the amazing work we do without our associates! We have a wonderful team of therapists who dedicate their time to supporting the children and families who are referred into TPC. Our therapists are a vital part of the service and share our ethos and passion for supporting children’s wellbeing and mental health. Each therapist has their own unique skillset and experience and contributes their personal qualities. We are so proud of our caring, nurturing team and are very grateful for all of the work they do!

Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Creative Therapy, DDP
TPC Therapy Team Knight

A business with heart

Our team truly understand the impact that adversity, childhood trauma and stress can have on children due to our own life experiences and this means that our values are rooted in our hearts. Children are always at the core of all we do. We will always go above and beyond to ensure we are working from the highest standards possible, with integrity always.

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