Behaviour Policy Support and Consultation

There is so much to consider when writing a behaviour policy, it can be very difficult to start!

At TPC we recognise that difficult behaviour is a sign that a child is struggling and that their emotions, thoughts or experiences are so overwhelming that they are not sure how to cope. Children need the adults around them to recognise they are struggling and help them identify and manage their feelings. Giving them the life skills they need to ultimately manage their own mental health.

What isn’t working?

Time out’s
Names on boards
Sad and happy zones/ charts
Punitive consequences
Red and yellow cards
Sitting on the floor in another classroom
Standing by the wall
Being told off/ shouted at
Rewards and incentives
Behaviour charts

How do we know?

They don’t actually make a difference to the children’s behaviour, and you will find the same children repeating the same behaviours over and over again. Why? Because they haven’t learnt how to manage the feelings, emotions, thoughts or beliefs that caused the behaviour in the first place.

How can we help?

We can help you make sense of what doesn’t work and help you focus on what will by guiding your senior leadership team through our connection and regulation policy and offering consultancy on your current policy.

Ensuring an aligned vision

We know that everyone’s perspective and journey is different when it comes to behaviour policies in schools, and this is why we offer the online training session free of charge. We will ask that the relevant members of staff watch this session to ensure that our vision and ethos is aligned with yours. If it isn’t, then we won’t be offended if you decide that our approach isn’t for you.


“It just struck me that all the work we have been doing is now filtering through and we are really seeing the impact of it. We had a meeting with SLT about behaviour and some of the success stories of people using the therapeutic approach is absolutely fantastic! So thank you for all the work you have been doing, because it is really having an impact in our school.”

What’s included

Behaviour Policy Support

We will support you from beginning to end through our support package

What’s included
check_circleAccess to a connection and regulation policy training session
check_circleAn initial read of your current policy (£250)
check_circleA review of your amended policy following our meeting (£100)
check_circleA review of your amended policy following our meeting (£100)

This is part of a bigger vision

The Therapeutic Classroom Approach is an element of our Therapeutic Teaching Course – which is a 6 module course for schools to embed a whole school approach to mental health, wellbeing and trauma informed approaches