CPD and Twilight Sessions

Informative, inspiring and practical!

Our CPD and twilight sessions are designed to close the gap between theory and practice and inspire changes in thought and approaches. Sessions are 1 hour to 2 hour sessions that can be delivered online or face to face and are designed to upskill and inspire your team!

Help give staff insight into key issues and give them tangible, practical strategies and solutions they can do to make a difference in their work.

Professional Foster Care Agency training

“Our focus should be in helping children feel that their emotional and mental health needs are always at the core, and that schools can feel safe.”
Shahana Knight

CPD sessions

Here are some examples of sessions we can deliver. Titles and content can be tweaked to meet your needs.

Please be aware that the content in these sessions may overlap.
Creating a whole school approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing: where to begin

Explore why children are struggling with their wellbeing and mental health now more than ever, and how this is impacting their behaviour and ability to flourish at school. Learn about our whole school approach to supporting children and specific strategies you can begin to implement to make a difference both as a whole school and as individual staff.

How childhood trauma and difficult behaviour are linked and what to do to help

Learn how childhood trauma and adversity impact’s children’s brain development, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours and explore the ‘why’ behind some of the challenging behaviour you are seeing in school. Then learn how to support your children with regard to responses, language, relationship building and boundaries that do not include punishment.

Cookridge Primary School
Therapeutic environments: the impact of classroom on wellbeing and mental health and behaviour

Join Shahana Knight – creator of the therapeutic classroom approach as she introduces you to the vision she has for UK schools. She will explore the neuroscience and theory behind why current classrooms do not meet children’s emotional and mental health and share with you the steps to creating therapeutic classrooms that are inclusive, attachment aware and trauma informed. This session will explore low cost, easy to implement ideas as well as the larger vision for classrooms.


Cultivating emotional intelligence to improve outcomes

In this session we will look at what emotional intelligence is and the vital role it plays in children’s development to ensure children can flourish socially and emotionally both at school and beyond. Learn how to help children develop their self-awareness, insight into their own feelings and the feelings of others and begin to develop empathy and social skills.

Connection vs disconnection policy: Reframing bad behaviour

Are our current behaviour policies aligned with our efforts to support mental health or is there a disconnection? Learn how behaviour and mental health are linked and reframe ‘bad behaviour.’ Learn how to move away from punitive, disconnection and toward connective approaches that will help children feel emotionally safe and develop their emotional intelligence skills. Help them manage their own behaviour and have insight into their emotions. In this session we will tentatively challenge perceptions and reframe our role when approaching difficult behaviour.

Helping children self-regulate and manage their emotions

Increasing numbers of children are struggling to calm down and are reaching a state of dysregulation in response to difficult situations. Learn how to help children understand and manage their emotions and behaviours in school with particular attention on how to help them self-regulate and calm down. This session includes step by step approaches, techniques and strategies.

TPC Teaching Children
What attachment aware means and how make changes that will meet your children’s needs

You may have done training on attachment in school, but do you know how a child’s experience of attachment shows up in children’s behaviour and relationships on a practical day to day basis? This session gets specific and explores how children’s attachment experiences are affecting their behaviour, thoughts, beliefs and expectations, we then look at what you can actually do about it in your practice. School can trigger insecure attachment responses in so many ways, this session explores what doesn’t work and what you can do about it. Full of ah-ha moments, insight and tweaks for you to begin to implement straight away.

What does trauma informed mean and what does it really look like in practice

With ‘trauma informed’ becoming the new buzz word, this session explores how trauma and adversity can impact children at school and what it really means to be trauma informed. Learn how to embed theory to practice and begin to make the changes required to truly meet children’s emotional and mental health needs from a trauma informed perspective.

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