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Never underestimate the value of creative play!

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TPC creative play
Letting children explore through creative play has so many benefits and will help their wellbeing and mental health.
  • It can help them
  • Re-focus their thoughts
  • Fell in control and powerful
  • Explore different ideas
  • Find solutions
  • Problem solve
  • Work as a team
  • Be innovative
  • Calm their internal state
  • Regulate their feelings
Here are some easy ways to help them access creative play
  1. Save all large cardboard boxes and let them loose with pens, stickers, cellotape and scissors (if you trust them) – you will be surprised at what they create!
  2. Save old loo rolls/ kitchen rolls and cereal boxes
  3. Give them strips of old material, cut out bits of paper or a magazine they can chop up and use the pictures from

As they create make comments like

“You are cutting a door”
“You want it to be connected”
“You are trying hard to find a solution”

Avoid: Praise and compliments – this can sometimes take away from the creative experience and make them want to please you. Instead comment on what you see:

“You are working together”
“You are using the blue pen”
“You want the whole thing coloured in”

They will feel like you care about what they are doing – without being bothered about the outcome and worrying that it isn’t good enough. Remember, it doesn’t matter what it looks like. What Matters is the process.

Give it a go! Let them get creative

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