Questions we are asked frequently...


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How will we know if it is helping?

 We will monitor the outcomes of our work every 6 weeks through new Strengths and difficulties questionnaires ( SDQ'S and our own positive impact assessment tool. These are monitored on our bespoke system and generate data and outcomes for us to use to monitor impact. We also gather teacher feedback and use our observations of the process during the sessions. We complete 6 weekly review assessments which break down progress, sdq scores, positive impact scores and our recommendations for the child. We will only begin to end with a child when we begin to see scores reduce, teacher feedback is positive and we can see resolution in themes during play therapy sessions. We will keep all staff informed of the progress and regularly check in with relevant professionals involved. This is to ensure we are all working together to support the child!

How long will a child be in therapy for?

When the SDQ scores begin to reduce consistently, your noticing a difference in behaviour and wellbeing in class and we can see themes changing in play therapy then we can recommend stop working with a child.

Will you tell me what happens in the playroom?

Because play therapy is a clinical therapy our therapists can’t share exactly what the children do in their sessions. (Just like a counsellor wouldn’t tell anybody what their client discusses) We have a ethical responsibility to keep  confidentiality for the child. However we strongly believe in working together and so our therapists will not be hiding behind their playrooms- we will be present and available to chat with you about the children we are working with and help you with any worries or concerns. We will share information on our 6 weekly review assessments and through general discussions week to week. Our assessment reviews will have lots of feedback included about how you can help the child and will offer advice and strategies you can be using. If you have referred a child to us through social services, a charity, adoption agency or similar we will also liaise with you via email and phone as much as necessary. Working together is  very much part of our ethos.

Will there be any support for me?

We will support anyone involved with the child. Through on-going communication with you we can offer suggestions on how to manage behaviour and offer strategies, tips and advice to support you. We also offer CPD, Twilight training and workshops to help train, teach and equip you with skills you can be using in your own practice. This training is available to any professional or parent/ carer too- have a look at our training pages for more information. ( Just so you know, any training you attend will give you access to our free resource section where you can download, read and access lots of material to help you deliver and implement what we have talked about in training)


How do you ensure a quality service is delivered?

We are proud of our service and have a wonderful reputation. It is important to us to ensure you are happy with our service and are experiencing TPC Therapy in the way we would expect.

Our Quality Assurance Measures are:

  • Our Director of Services will visit you/ check in with you at least 2x a year to carry out a quality assurance check
  • Our Director of Services will visit your play therapist  at least 1x a year to check in and ensure the playroom meets the initial health and safety check
  • All of our therapists meet for peer supervision and staff meetings throughout the year
  • All of our therapists have access to support and guidance at all times through close communication with TPC Therapy
  • All therapists have DBS checks
  • All therapists hold their own professional liability insurance
  • All therapists have regular clinical supervision to ensure they can discuss their cases. Clinical supervision ensures the therapists are working ethically and upholding the ethics and values expected
  • All of our therapists belong to a regulating professional body such as BACP, BAPT and PTUK
  • All of our therapist have on-going CPD
  • All therapists have had up to date safeguarding training at level three
  • All therapists use our bespoke online system to manage notes, cp concerns and input assessment outcomes.
  • All of our therapists use egress switch to communicate safe secure emails when needed

Please contact us for more information on this. We have a Quality Assurance Booklet we can send you with more information about this.