How childhood trauma affects the brain

Have you grown up with lots of difficulties in your life? Maybe you lived with alcoholic parents, experienced domestic violence. Maybe you lived in a really large family and didn’t have much money or your parents separated and it was difficult for you. Living through challenged like this is often referred to adverse childhood experienced or traumatic experiences.

In this video we will explore how childhood trauma can affect your brain, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Knowing this is really important because it helps you take some control back and realise you do not have to be defined by your trauma and you can live a happy healthy life.


Note: This video describes the three parts of our emotional brain. Since recording this video we recognise that science has moved on and so we now refer to two parts of our brain, the emotional/ survival part and the rational thinking part in our material. However,  the advice in this video is still relevant, it is just the description of the brain that has changed slightly.

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