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Trauma Informed Easter Activities for School and Home

Trauma informed easter activities

We love the excuse to do something fun with the children and young people but it is important to remember that many children may struggle with events, parties or celebrations at school. This is often linked to experiences in their history or trauma they may have had. Some of the children may have very traumatic memories of events that took place on days that were supposed to be special, like birthdays or Christmas. Others might have grown up comparing their reality of events to that of their peers. Some may have looked forward to events but they were always ruined in some way. Maybe by an absent parent, or big argument.

You might find that whenever there is an event to look forward to, your children find a way to sabotage it or ruin it. This is not because they don’t want the event to be good. It is usually because they do not feel like they deserve to be happy or that they feel it will be taken away from them somehow. So they ruin it before someone else can.

When we put nice events on in school, we want everyone to be able to enjoy them, so here are some tips to consider to ensure your Easter fun is trauma informed, so that you can get the best out of them.

Download our Easter Activity idea PDF here Easter Activity Ideas


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