Measuring Outcomes and Quality Assurance

Measuring Outcomes and Quality Assurance

Play therapy is a very effective intervention. The latest findings show that from a study of 8,000 cases  83% of children receiving play therapy have made significant positive change.

Children who were referred for play therapy due to their behaviour, anger, attention, hyperactivity and friendships became

  • Noticeably calmer and happier in school
  • They began to make healthier relationships with peers, parents and teachers
  • Concentration in class increased and children began to participate in learning more
  • Children had a stronger sense of self and had increased in confidence
  • Those children who struggled with behaviours and were at risk of exclusion made significant improvement.

Read some feedback and quotes from people who have worked with us here

"I have noticed a dramatic change in L over the last few months...she is much happier in school, calmer in class, able to express her emotions and does not get angry as easily.... Play Therapy has definitely helped! Thank You!!"
Temple Primary School
Measuring Outcomes and Quality Assurance

We make sure we regularly evidence our practice

At TPC Therapy we know how important it is to ensure we can evidence our outcomes.
Our custom-made online system will capture and analyse our outcomes to provide detailed graphs, statistics and diagrams which you can use to evidence our practice.

Assessment tools we use
SDQ's( Strengths and Difficulties) questionnaires
Positive Impact Assessment's
Feedback from Parents/ Professionals
Transition/ resolution in play themes


We monitor outcomes every 6/7  weeks and produce a written review offering both the data and specific qualitative information about a childs progress. These can be used at multiagency meetings and other relevant assessment meetings. They can also be used to evidence our outcomes. 

Quality Assurance

We take pride in quality assurance and maintain a high standard of work. All therapists are regulated by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) and can be found on their register. They are all registered members of a professional body such as BAPT, PTUK and BACP who require therapists to follow ethical standards and undertake regular CPD.

All of Our Therapists Have

  • •DBS checks directly with us ( or hold a transferable DBS online)
    • Professional Liability Insurance
    • Regular clinical supervision

Our Quality Assurance Measures

  • We ensure all of our therapists follow our ethos and values and set up the service with a standardized approach
  • Our custom-made online system logs all child protection concerns, case meetings and notes to ensure we are working to a high standard, with safeguarding as our priority.
  • We maintain connections with our contracting organisations and meet with you twice a year to ensure your receiving the service we expect
  •  We maintain a close working relationship with our therapists by offering on-going support, hosting regular staff meetings, peer supervision and visiting them in their workplaces
  • We provide you with statistics, outcomes and case studies to evidence our work

We also conduct on-going checks and monitor progress of our therapists and to ensure our schools are happy with our service!