Parenting Sessions


"Very informative (training). Makes you realise that there is more often than not a trigger as to why a child is reacting in the way they are. Step back, take a min before telling the child off and think of how they are feeling and why!"

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These sessions will help support parenting skills and offer new ways of thinking. Our training is supportive, honest and delivered with care. We know how hard is it to be a parent and we are here to help! Sessions can be booked by organisations in blocks or as one off sessions.

Our Parenting Sessions are designed to be supportive and helpful. We know how hard it is to be a parent (We are doing it too!) and we know there is no manual that comes with  children, no help button or instructions and often it can be overwhelming. There are so many parents out their doing their best and who feel stuck and at a loss. “Nothing i do is working" "She won’t listen to me" " He is the boss in our house" - Sound familiar? We can help!

p.s These training sessions come with a free parenting booklet that you can take home full of hints and tips and reminders about what we talked about. Our training leaves you feeling empowered and ready to make a change- but sometimes its easy to forget what was said in a session when you have a toddler having a melt down... our booklet is there to help, grab it and go!

Boundaries and Consistency

Boundaries and Consistency

Children need boundaries in order to feel safe. You need them in order to establish who is in control and who makes the rules!

In this session we will look at why it is really important to have house rules and to be consistent with children. We touch on theory about the developing child as well as what boundaries are and offer practical tips and strategies for you to try as soon as you get home. Its all about behaviour management in this session!

Technology, phones, screen time and Child development

Technology, phones, screen time and Child development

Phones, tablets, computer games, tv and social media are getting more and more popluar. Its the new normal.

This session looks at how all of this technology can affect our children, their development and their sense of self. We discuss what we can do to make sure we are keeping tabs on their usage. We also take a look at how we can protect children online.

Play and Relationship Building

Play and Relationship Building

We are so busy these days with life and responsibilities and often we can forget to give our children the 121 time they need. Many of us also forget to play with our children. This can have an impact on our relationship with them, leaving us feeling like we tell them off more than anything else.

This sessions looks at ways we can reconnect with our children, develop our relationships and play with them. This sessions has lots of ideas that you can begin to do at home!

Raising a family in hard times

Raising A Family in Hard Times

Being a parent is hard enough but sometimes we are also struggling with divorce, loss, money issues or trauma too. We know how hard this can be, parents get so stressed by it all their relationship with their children suffers and they just don’t know what to do. Often children begin to misbehave in school and things feel hopeless.

These session looks at how trauma can affect our children’s development, what we can do to make a difference, the things to look out for, how to talk to our children through tough times and help them through it and where we can go for help if we need it. This session is honest and caring and looks at things from a realistic perspective. We are here to help you. Parents have told us that they didn’t even know a lot of the things we talk about in this session and that they feel better after coming. We are here to support you through it so don’t be afraid to book on and find out what you can do to help your family.