Therapeutic School Approach


The government have recently released the manifesto ' Transforming Children and Young People’s  Mental Health Provision: a Green Paper' 
which identifies the vital role schools play in supporting the mental health of their pupils and aims to make changes to education over the next 5 years.

What Does The Green Paper Say?

How Will The Therapeutic School Package Help?
We know schools everywhere are working hard to support children with their wellbeing. Often children struggling with childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences find it difficult to participate in school, make relationships and flourish academically. It can be hard for schools to know how to approach wellbeing and mental health when this isnt something they are trained in. We recognise this and have spent the last six years supporting teachers, children and parents. Helping increase the understanding everyone has of how trauma affects children and their development and how school isn’t traditionally designed to support them. We want to change that and develop therapeutic schools across England and begin to help re-engage children in education and help them develop in to the wonderful people they deserve to be- regardless of their adverse childhoods.


What Does The Therapeutic School Package Include?

Our package is your one stop shop for all things wellbeing related for a full academic year. We work closely with you, the children and the parents to create a whole school therapeutic agenda and begin to make a real difference to how education approaches wellbeing. We have included absolutely loads of amazing things to make the biggest impact we can. oh and at the end of your programme you receive a wonderful banner to hang outside of school and some CPD certificates too to say you have completed our therapeutic teaching cpd program!

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