Therapeutic Schools Approach ( whole school approach)


increasing numbers of children are not fulfilling their potential in schools because of difficult backgrounds or experiences. Their brains, bodies and thoughts are programmed to help them survive- so there isn't much time for learning or developing relationship skills.


How many children can you think of in your school, who are struggling with their behaviour, social skills or concentration? How many need support managing their emotions?

These are areas of development we need to be focusing on teaching.

What children need from Schools these days is to be taught to like know how to manage their own feelings and most importantly to understand that they are valuable members of society. Regardless of what experience might tell them thus far.

Our Therapeutic Schools Approach teaches schools exactly how to do this!

We will help you inspire and empower staff to become trauma informed and teach them stratagies and techniques to support the children. Our whole school approach will help you ay the foundations to put emotional wellbeing at the heat of your school for years to com! 


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