The Therapeutic Teaching Course (cpd)

'The Therapeutic Teaching Program'

Our 6 module Therapeutic Teaching Program will introduce you to a whole new way of teaching with inspirational ideas to support mental health and well being that will change understanding, practice, school culture and the environment too! Our training stands above the rest because we understand that teachers want to come away feeling inspired and empowered to support mental health. Our sessions are full of underpinning knowledge alongside loads of strategies, ideas and activities for you to implement.

These sessions are designed to be bought as a package of 6. However you can also attend them as stand alone sessions too if you prefer

We want to help you change practice long term: so our sessions include unlimited access to our teachers resource area upon completion. You will find all you need to deliver the interventions we discuss! Keep an eye on this exclusive section for new resources. - We will send you a log in for this area of our website.

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Module One: Creating Therapeutic Environments

1. Creating Therapeutic Environments 

In this session we look at why classrooms need to change. With the arrival of social media, the internet and technology and the ever increasing percentages of childhood trauma we focus on how you can adapt your classrooms to become a therapeutic environment that cultivates learning. We take a closer look at classrooms and offer practical tips on what you can begin to change things. This training challenges the concept of 'school' and re-frames elements of school in innovative ways to hep improve wellbeing.

Module Two: Childhood Trauma and the Brain!

2. Childhood Trauma and the Brain 

In our second session  we look at childhood trauma and the impact this has on children and their developing brain. We will explore the triggers children develop and how their behaviour and thought process are altered as a result of trauma. We will then help teachers use this information to develop a new approach with regard to their responses to children.

Module Three: Therapeutic Teaching Skills

Therapeutic Teaching Skills 
Session three is a real game changer for those teachers who want to embrace a mental health approach and be more therapeutic. This session gives staff step by step guidelines to change their responses and reactions to children. This approach makes a huge difference in the classroom. We ask the question what is teaching? And offer ways in which to Truly begin to teach in a way that goes beyond the classroom.

Module Four: Attachment Disorder

4. Attachment Disorder
In this session we look at the different types of attachment disorder and how they present in children at school. We then offer helpful strategies and tips for teachers, so they know what works and what does not work with children who have attachment disorder

Module Five: Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Class

Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Class
In our fifth session we look at how you can begin to create a classroom culture where emotional intelligence is at the core. We discuss what emotional intelligence is, why it is an essential skillset to teach and then we spend lots of time talking you through specific initiatives you can begin to do with your class. Free resources are available on our website after attending the session.

Module Six: Rules, Consistency and Boundaries

Rules, Consistency and Boundaries

In our final session, we look at why rules and boundaries are important for children, especially those who are already struggling with their mental health. We offer helpful guidelines on how to implement behaviour management techniques that are underpinned by therapeutic values. This session wil also help you tweak your behaviour manegment policy to ensure it too is therapeutic. This is the final peice to the complete CPD guide to Therapeutic Teaching.