A look inside our Play Therapy rooms


We are a mobile service which means our therapists will come in to your settings with a range of resources needed for therapy. They will set up a play therapy room to carry out the sessions. These rooms will be set up and packed down weekly on the days in which the therapist is in. The room will therefore be a functional space for you through the rest of the week.

We will bring in a range of recourses such as:

  • Puppets
  • Dolls and accessories
  • A sand tray and miniatures
  • Musical instruments
  • Art and creative materials
  • Clay
  • A home corner/ cooking area
  • A dolls house
  • Therapeutic stories

In our playrooms children might become warriors, superheroes or villains. The might choose to create clay sculptures, draw pictures, play with the dolls or have huge wars.

In here, children have the opportunity to play whatever they want to and our therapists will follow their lead. There is no right or wrong in the playroom- we just deal with whatever comes our way- together!

The magic of the playroom is that children can use symbolism and metaphor to show us how they are feeling. Sometimes they don’t even know they are doing it. Their play tells us stories about what they are feeling and through this play we can help them to gather the resources they need to heal.

Our playrooms are very important spaces where children can play out anything they wish without judgment. They know that no matter how scary, terrifying or sad their experiences may be. We can help organise their feelings and explore them together.  

Take a tour of our virtual playroom below and see how each area can help a child work through their trauma.

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Take A Tour

Tour Map dolls puppets characters doll house sand bucket books art music

Dolls- Dolls and babies help children to address play themes around new siblings, birth, family, growing up childhood, care and nurture.


Puppets- Children use the puppets to help tell stories. Maybe a robber is coming to hurt the princess. Maybe the witch is casting a spell on the people. Through these stories children can express their feelings and over time begin to tell new stories and find resolution in their play.


Role play- Home Area/ Dressing up- Here children can become anybody they need to be. Maybe they want to pretend to be a mum, a doctor, a police man. Both the child and therapist will use role play to act out stories and games that may continue for many weeks. Through the adventures of these characters children can explore their feelings and experiences safety. They can experiment with different roles and figure out how it feels to be someone else.

Dolls House

Doll house - Children can set up the dolls house and have adventures with the characters. Through the play children can explore and create different experiences for the characters and explore this. Over time we might see changes in the story that show us resolution.

Sand Bucket

Sand Tray and Miniatures- Sand therapy is a very powerful way for children to face their feelings and experiences. Children can use the many miniatures to build worlds in the sand tray. Over time we see these worlds begin to change. Maybe they begin as wars with warriors and bad guys…we may then begin to see heroes and rescuers come along to help. We bring lots of miniatures from cars, people, trees and houses to skeletons, lights, guns and cages. The children can pick the miniatures that can reflect how they feel inside without having to talk about it or think about it too much.


Therapeutic Stories- These books are designed to be therapeutic and help children to see a story someone else has gone through. Maybe it is a struggle familiar to them. Through repetition children can begin to take on the messages in the story and learn from them.


Creative Area/ Art/ Clay- Here we have different sizes and different coloured paper. Pencils, pens, paints. Play dough and clay. Through pictures children can show us how they are feeling. Sometimes children draw story boards, create objects or draw and paint.


Musical Instruments - Some children like a good bash of the drums to get out anger. Creating music is a great way to release energy and allow the children to express themselves through sound.