Therapeutic Interventions

in Care

We specialise in creative therapies that allow children and young people to explore their experiences in a safe way.

We have been supporting charities, fostering agencies and adoption support services with therapy for children and young people since we began.

In fact, therapeutic intervention is where it all began for us all those years ago and as a result, we have a wonderful, established approach to therapy that not only supports the children but the adults around the child too!

We are committed to working closely with the referring school, agency or family to ensure everyone is working as a team around the child to improve outcomes together and support the young person referred.

Our approach to therapy

We specialise in creative therapies that allow children and young people to explore their experiences in a safe way. We recognise that children cannot express themselves through language, so our therapists are skilled at working with play, creativity, art and drama to help children represent internal struggles through the safety of symbolism.

Types of Therapy We Offer

We offer a range of different therapies to help support different needs, and you can refer one child for therapy or book us for a half or full day – whatever suits you best!

Our wonderful team of therapists work all over the UK in education and care settings, and are used to working with complex cases. They will support both the child and the team around the child to ensure that therapy has the best outcomes possible.

Play Therapy
Drama Therapy
Creative Psychotherapy
Debrief Sessions
Creative Therapy
Art Therapy
Group Therapy

Working to the Highest Standards

Allocating a therapist to work with a child is something we take seriously at TPC, we know how important that therapeutic relationship is and how much trust is placed in the therapist. All of us at TPC recognise how significant it is to be able to support children in this way and we do not take the responsibility lightly!

We closely support and monitor our therapy team to ensure that all we go above and beyond the standard expectations of a service like ours.

All of our therapists have:

The relevant qualifications, insurance and DBS checks

Attended our onboarding training

Ongoing support from our quality assurance and referrals manager who checks in regularly, monitors performance and cases and who supports both the therapist and agency

A good relationship with us! We know our therapists really well and this helps us match therapists to referrals

Access to free ongoing CPD sessions with us to enhance practice and skillset

Support and guidance whenever it is needed

Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Creative Therapy, DDP

Why work with us?

At TPC quality assuring of our Therapists is one of our top priorities. It’s important for us to ensure the level of service you are receiving is at the high standard we expect. That’s why we complete a thorough induction process with all of our Therapists, monitor quality and performance and know our team really well.

Working with a service provider like us offers peace of mind and assurances when it comes to choosing your therapist and provides an added layer of support.

Quality assurance

Our processes give you peace of mind that therapists are monitored, and all relevant checks are carried out and updated as part of our ongoing procedures

Dedicated support

Our team will directly liaise with yours- whether it is a finance, therapy or quality assurance issue- our team will be on hand to help

Ongoing support

We are on hand to discuss any concerns or questions about therapy or a therapist

Individualised therapy

We can offer different types of therapy and therapists to meet your needs

Setup and practacalities

We are on hand to support with logistics/ practicalities or organisational aspects of setting up therapy itself

Ongoing CPD

Our therapists benefit from CPD sessions throughout the year to build on best practice 

Support for foster agencies

We know how difficult it can be to secure funding for children in foster care and how important it is for therapy to be allocated quickly in lots of cases. We work in partnership with you to determine the right type of therapy for the child/ young person you are referring and will carefully match a therapist based on a number of factors. We will also work in partnership with the foster family and supervising social worker to determine the best place for therapy to take place and when. Our referrals and quality assurance manager will be on hand throughout the process to support you with any questions, logistics or issues that may arise. She will also check in regularly to ensure you are happy with the service.

As therapy progresses, our therapists will communicate regularly with the SSW and family to ensure everyone is working together to support the child. Our therapist will also be available to check in with the family and offer support, guidance and recommendations for how they can help their child at home.

Please download our fostering therapy booklet for more details on how we can support you with therapy.

Support for adoption agencies

We have been working in partnership with adoption agencies for many years and are familiar with the ASF process. Our referrals manager and finance team will work with you to complete the relevant paperwork, costings and logistics to ensure we can support any child or young person who is referred. Once the funding is approved we will carefully match one of our therapists to the case. Our quality assurance manager will liaise with the relevant professionals to ensure a smooth start to therapy and will monitor the case as therapy progresses to ensure everyone is happy and feels supported.

Our therapists will regularly check in with the referrer and provide the relevant reports every 6-7 weeks as per the ASF requirements. They will also support the family, offering advice, support and recommendations for things they can do at home.

The referral process


Once you express an interest to hear more/ or to make a referral our referrals manager will contact you to find out how we can help you


Upon referral, a therapist is carefully matched to the case based on location, skillset, personality and the needs of the child

Information Gathering

The therapist may then meet with the family/ observe the child/ read of relevant assessments/ recommendations or reports prior to our involvement. Consent will be sourced at this time.

Initial Assessment

Initial assessments are carried out via SDQ forms + positive impact forms or relevant assessment tools alongside verbal conversation

Risk Assessment

The therapy space is decided, and the therapist will complete a risk assessment of the room

Therapy Begins

The therapy begins every week, same time, same place to lay a safe, reliable foundation for the relationship.


Assessments take place every 6-7 weeks and written reviews are sent out to the appropriate people. These offer an overview of the child’s therapy so far and include insight, advice, support and recommendations. Our reports are never jargony but instead easy to read and relevant!

Continuous Support

The therapist and TPC will continue to support the team around the child through regular check-in’s and conversations

Working in partnership

Our team of Therapists will work closely in partnership with you and key members of staff, to support the children and young people you refer to us.

We communicate weekly with both the organisation and the parents of the children in therapy, conduct regular reviews and impact reports to monitor outcomes by completing assessments every 6-7 weeks and provide you with written reports at no extra charge.

Our therapists are skilled at offering advice, support and strategies to help teacher/ parents/ carers to support the children alongside our therapy sessions.

Measurable Outcomes

We monitor outcomes using the Goodmans strengths and difficulties questionnaire. Our unique positive impact assessment and through observations and feedback both inside and outside of sessions.

Working with Integrity

When working with us you can be sure that the children are at the heart of everything we do. Every decision we make, every package of support we put together and every contact we enter in to. If the children’s best interest is not at the centre, we do not do it!


It is really important to us that we keep our prices reasonable, so the children’s allocated funding goes toward their therapy and not on additional expenses like phone calls. We price our therapy carefully and although we may not be able to offer the same price as going to a therapist directly, our service includes quality assurance measures, standards and processes that enhance the service and provide additional levels of protection.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

We are working with some of the more vulnerable children in society and their welfare is of the utmost importance to us. We work to the highest standards of care following GDPR guidelines. In fact, we spent two years building a cloud-based system to ensure our therapists are managing notes and records safely. We are alerted to any child protection concern logged and vital information can be easily shared with relevant professionals to ensure everyone is working together to safeguard the children.

Reviews/ Reports

We know how important it is to evidence the impact of any intervention you are paying for and how important it is to know how whether the work is making a difference to the child. Our therapists will do reviews of their work every 6-7 weeks and will provide written reports which detail the process, any changes and impacts seen, SDQ scores (and what they mean!) advice for the parents/ carers or professionals around the child and recommendations for future support. This is alongside regular check ins and communication between the relevant people and therapist each week.