The Therapeutic School Programme

What is it?


Our Complete Therapeutic School Package complements the government agenda and it is a creative, practical, holistic approach to support a whole school ethos. Every child in school will benefit from the impact of this programme.  This package is designed to empower school staff, children and support staff when approaching mental health and well-being. 


Somewhere along the line, our school system stopped teaching children about what they really need to know, it became outdated. School today does not reflect the world in which the children live in. It doesn’t take into consideration a great many influencing factors that are changing our children's brains. Like childhood trauma or social media and technology for example. The child entering our classroom is not the same child we would have seen 5 years ago. Yet school largely has not changed.   


We are missing many opportunities throughout the school day in which we could be teaching children real-life skills, raising their emotional intelligence and re-wiring their anxious and overwhelmed brains. The truth is, many Teachers have no idea how powerful their impact can actually be. Many do not have the confidence or skillset to begin to enforce real change for the children who need it most. School environments themselves are not designed in a way to support children based on their actual needs today. We want to help you change that!

“Achieve therapeutic school status after completing our whole year school programme and put mental health and emotional wellbeing at the core of your school”

How can we help you?


Our programme paves the way for a whole new type of school, The Therapeutic school. 


This is a year-long, embedded approach designed to help you make incremental changes throughout the year. The programme is underpinned by 6 accredited twilight sessions which will teach, empower and guide your staff toward making a difference. Each module builds on the last to create an evolving programme which will result in a smooth transition toward becoming a therapeutic school. 

Our team will be there to guide you through the process, delivering different aspects of the programme and becoming familiar faces in your setting. We will be right there on the journey with you.

Important Note: Some of this approach includes enhancing and changing environments.
We advise you to put aside a budget for this or maybe, like some of our schools, you are very good at generating money through your PTA, public support and fundraisers. Or you might be extremely thrifty and be able to re-purpose things you already have. A lot of the advice doesn’t add expense, it just means making different choices when spending budget, you would already be spending. 

An initial wellbeing assessment audit which includes an analysis report that captures key aspects of mental health across the school prior to the programme. 

Six core accredited CPD sessions from the Therapeutic Teaching course

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A target setting meeting

Midday organiser Training (optional)

Staff wellbeing inset day

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10 Happiness Project PHSE sessions for your year 5 or 6 class

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Final impact report (with analysis) of the school post programme 


 The complete package costs:

£3,900 for the whole school year

Celebrating your Achievement?


Once you have completed the programme, successfully meeting your targets and making relevant changes to your school you will have achieved ‘Therapeutic School Status’ with us and receive:

  • A framed certificate for your school

  • Course certificates issued by the CPD Certification Service 

  • A ‘Therapeutic School’ Banner for your school gates 

  • A ‘Therapeutic School’ graphic for your email footer and website 

  • A video showcasing your schools journey 

"The Therapeutic Schools Approach is one of the best strategies we have implemented to support our children and it is now our ethos”

 – Head Teacher  


"Incredibly well-delivered course really consider taking the time to do this!"

- Teacher

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