At TPC Therapy we believe in the power of play and specialise in the clinical practice of Play Therapy
Play Therapy enables children to explore, express and work through their experience’s safely with the support of a caring, therapeutic adult.  Our support has a significant impact on self-awareness, confidence, friendships, academic achievements, and wellbeing.  

Supporting children with their emotional and mental health can make a huge impact on the people they become, the decisions they make in the future, whether they continue education and whether they have healthy relationships. They deserve the chance to flourish in life, without their trauma becoming a barrier.

Studies show that play therapy interventions have a positive impact in 83% of cases which reflects a significant impact on the wellbeing of children and young people

Any child struggling with emotional difficulty - children who are struggling with trauma such as death, abuse, domestic violence and attachment issues.  

Even simple things like getting a new sibling, being part of a large family or moving to a new house can affect children emotionally. This can then impact a child’s friendships, confidence, self-belief and behaviour. 

We are currently supporting children with both complex and lower level needs, from children who have experienced homicide to children with low confidence. Play therapy is the perfect therapy for all levels of need.  

Our therapists are working with some extremely complex cases and we are skilled at offering advice and support to all agencies who might need some specialist advice.  There isn’t much we have not seen! 

We take referrals from schools, foster care, adoption, the police and health. 

If you have a concern about a child you can refer them to our service by emailing referrals@tpctherapy.co.uk 

At TPC Therapy quality assurance of our Therapists is one of our top priorities. It's important for us to ensure the level of service you are receiving is at the high standard we expect. That's why we complete a thorough induction process with all of our Therapists, monitor quality and performance and know our team really well.


Working in partnership

Our team of Therapists will work closely in partnership with you and key members of staff, to support the children and young people you refer to us.  We communicate weekly with both the organisation and the parents of the children in therapy, conduct regular reviews and impact reports to monitor outcomes by completing assessments every 6-7 weeks and provide you with written reports at no extra charge. 


Our therapists are skilled at offering advice, support and strategies to help teacher/ parents/ carers to support the children alongside our therapy sessions.


It is really important to us that we keep our prices reasonable, so the children’s allocated funding goes toward their therapy and not on additional expenses like phone calls or standard report writing. 

Measurable Outcomes

We monitor outcomes using the Goodmans strengths and difficulties questionnaire.
our unique positive impact assessment and through observations and feedback both inside and outside of sessions.

Impact Reports

We know how important it is to evidence the impact of any intervention you are paying for and so we provide you with impact reports based on the work we are doing in your organisation. These reports are in addition to the reports we write for each child's individual case and are designed to give you an overview of our impact within your service. Reports will analyse the impact we have had across time, number of cases and locations.  

Working with integrity  

When working with us you can be sure that the children are at the heart of everything we do. Every decision we make, every package of support we put together and every contact we enter in to. If the children's best interest is not at the centre, we do not do it!  

Safeguarding and Child Protection

We are working with some of the more vulnerable children in society and their welfare is of the utmost importance to us. We work to the highest standards of care following GDPR guidelines. In fact, we spent two years building a cloud-based system to ensure our therapists are managing notes and records safely. We are alerted to any child protection concern logged and vital information can be easily shared with relevant professionals to ensure everyone is working together to safeguard the children. 

We believe childhood trauma and ACES do not have to define you

The therapy space is decided. The therapist completes a risk assessment of the room

The therapy begins every week, same time, same place

Assessments take place every 6-7 weeks, written reviews are sent out

Continuous support and check-in's take place until sessions come to an end

Play therapy is one of the most effective methods in helping children deal with difficult experiences in their lives. This type of therapy is designed to help children explore their feelings and experiences safety through play and creativity. Children do not have the language to express how they feel or make sense of their experiences. Play therapy acknowledges that play is a child's natural form of self-expression and is a non-directive way to allow them to begin to work through their trauma.

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Recommended age: 3 - 11 years

Referrals accepted: Education, Adoption, Fostering, Crime/ Police, Health and other services 

Full Day


Four children to be seen in a full day of Play Therapy Sessions

Half Day 


Two children to be seen in half a day of Play Therapy Sessions



One child to be seen in a Play Therapy Session


An age-appropriate alternative to counselling, creative therapy gives young people the opportunity to explore difficult feelings and experiences creatively. Young people who have experienced trauma may find talking therapy limiting, especially if they are still in a state of trauma or are experiencing triggers/ flashbacks and regressive type behaviours. Their brains will be working from a place of survival and will not be able to access the reflective thinking brain required for communication via language. Creative therapy allows them to use tools such as music, art, symbolism, sand therapy and creativity to express themselves. This therapy can reach them in a way talking therapy can not.


Recommended age: 3 - 11 years

Referrals accepted: Education, Adoption, Fostering, Crime/ Police, Health and other services 

Full Day


Four children to be seen in a full day of Creative Therapy Sessions

Half Day 


Two children to be seen in half a day of Creative Therapy Sessions



One child to be seen in a Creative Therapy Session


Childhood trauma can significantly impact the relationship between siblings. Some may find themselves dependent on one another, others may be in conflict. Sibling therapy allows them to redefine their relationship, reconnect and develop trust, love and empathy for each other. Sessions are child-led and will be in the style of play therapy or creative therapy depending on need and age. These sessions will be facilitated by a Play Therapist who will encourage self-awareness, empathy, relationship skills and trust between the siblings.

Recommended age: 3 - 11 years

Referrals accepted: Education, Adoption, Fostering, Crime/ Police, Health and other services 



Price based on 2 children

( bespoke prices available on request)


Theraplay is a family-based therapy which encourages connection, nurture and bonding between a child who has experienced trauma and their caregiver. Commonly used to support children in adoptive families (but not exclusive to this) theraplay supports a healthy attachment for children who may have missed out on this in their early years. Sessions consist of directive games and activities designed to help the adult and child connect and develop healthy, playful interaction based on trust.

Referrals accepted: Education, Adoption, Fostering, Crime/ Police, Health and other services 

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"I have noticed a dramatic change in P over the last few months...she is much happier in school, calmer in class, able to express her emotions and does not get angry as easily.... Play Therapy has definitely helped! Thank You!!” 

- Teacher

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