The Wellbeing Curriculum

The Wellbeing Curriculum puts mental health and emotional wellbeing at the core of education. It is underpinned by the 4 key qualities we believe children need to learn about in order to flourish in life.

  1. Their mental health

  2. Self-belief

  3. Positive mindset

  4. Emotional intelligence

Each key quality is taught and explored through 10 Core Happiness Project lessons.


These lessons are:

  1. Understanding feelings

  2. Anger management (the brain)

  3. Self-concept

  4. Body image

  5. Social media and technology

  6. Mindset

  7. Success vs failure

  8. Stress buster

  9. Mindfulness

  10. Positive relationships

How It Works

1. Daily Activities


Add wellbeing practices to your daily routine, making wellbeing part of your class ethos.

Wellbeing Curriculum daily activity samples
2. Wellbeing Activities


Fill developmental gaps and give children opportunities to learn how to self-soothe, self-regulate and self-reflect

Wellbeing Curriculum Classroom Activitiy samples
3. Core Happiness Project Lessons


Interactive online lessons, designed for years 5 and 6.

Wellbeing Curriculum Happiness project
4. Additional Lessons and Activities


Help you to embed the learning and continue to teach the children the core lessons we have introduced. This section also includes lessons for the lower year groups.

Wellbeing Curriculum lessons and activity samples

These lessons are interactive online lessons taught by Shahana Knight, Director of TPC Therapy. She is also the founder of the Therapeutic Schools Programme and is an Education Childhood Trauma Expert.


The lessons are designed to be engaging and inspirational. They allow children to explore their own experiences and feel safe in a therapeutic space.

Over the last 3 years, Shahana has been teaching these lessons in classrooms all over the country and the feedback from children has been phenomenal. Delivering them online means we can reach more children.


The lessons are to be facilitated by teaching staff and you will receive supporting documents and guidance to help co-deliver the session. 

Take a sneak peek into our Anger Management Happiness Project Core Lesson

Each interactive core lesson comes with additional lessons plans and activities that you can deliver throughout the programme to ensure that the key qualities and life lessons are reinforced and embedded. These are fun, engaging sessions that bring things to life. 

My reptilian brain wellbeing curriculum support sheet

Additional lessons

Mindset wellbeing curriculum support sheet

The wellbeing curriculum also includes daily practices such as meditation, calming colouring and other incentives designed to ensure that each day there are opportunities for the children to develop their self-reflection, self-regulation skills and emotional intelligence.

Daily Practices

The Wellbeing Curriculum introduces the core happiness project sessions slowly and includes wellbeing activities for you to do with the children to increase happy hormones, fun, and playfulness too. They also help to fill any developmental gaps.

Weekly wellbeing activitiy support sheet

Wellbeing Activity

This curriculum complements the Therapeutic Teaching Course and will set you on your way to becoming a therapeutic school. 

What's Included In The Wellbeing Curriculum?

  • The wellbeing curriculum guide 

  • Add an unlimited number of your school staff

  • Weekly wellbeing time-table examples x2 

  • 10 online core happiness project lessons 

  • A growing selection of additional activities to complement the core lessons

  • A growing selection of daily practices

  • A growing selection of wellbeing activities 

  • A growing selection of wellbeing homework 

  • Ongoing support from our team if required 

  • Online calming stories read by Shahana Knight 

  • A growing range of additional resources and links to use with the children

  • Seasonal additions such as Christmas and world book day related resources and videos

  • The impact assessment paperwork

  • Observation forms 

  • Self-assessment form

Purchase Options:


The Full Wellbeing Curriculum

£2,160 inc. VAT

Get full access to the Wellbeing Curriculum for 12 months. After 12 months you can subscribe to the Wellbeing Curriculum platform to continue teaching for just £40 a month.

How is it delivered?


An online platform that includes video sessions with supportive documents and resources to get you up and running straight away.