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What is It?

We think it is vital that you are all looking after your own mental health and well-being too.  Our inset is designed to help you step back from the day to day demands of school life and practice some mindfulness and meditation. Helping you to reconnect with yourself and refocus your mindset.


We explore stress and how sometimes this can get the better of us, impacting our mindset and also in some cases our mental health. We explore meditation as a tool for relaxation and re-shifting our mindset. We also lead an art session to get staff thinking about their intentions for the life, what makes them special and shift them into positive thoughts.


This session is very powerful and much needed. Teachers tell us that this session had a huge impact on their thought process and self-awareness. Others tell us they have begun practising meditation as a result of the session. However, it is important to note that meditation and art are not for everyone and some staff might struggle to let their personal barriers down. We believe it is important that everyone gives this a go and that you and the senior leadership team support all staff before and after this session.  

 What does the day involve?

1. Mindset

Exploring thoughts, mindset, our perception of things and our outlook on life. Reminding yourself why self-care is so important.  

2. Mindfulness and meditation

Discussion followed by a practical session of meditation and relaxation.

3. Exploring the self through art

A practical session reminding us to focus within. A closer look at the re-framing of mindset and being your true self without the effects of stress which can change our self-perception.  

"This is the best inset I have ever done!"

- Head Teacher


"This is the best inset I have ever done!"

- Head Teacher

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