Referral Form

If you believe play therapy or creative therapy interventions could help a child you know, then please contact us.

  1. Our Director of Services, Shahana Knight, will come and visit you. During this meeting Shahana will listen carefully to your requirements and talk you through how our service works.

  2. Following this meeting we will assign a therapist to you. You will be sent a profile of the therapist to show to the family/ children/ staff. 

  3. Both Shahana and your therapist will return for your initial set up day whereby we listen to each individual case referred and begin to complete relevant referral paperwork.

  4. Your therapist will begin to set up the service and then return once a week and deliver the service as described in our flow chart.

  5. Your Therapist will then see a child once a week every week in the same playroom at the same time. This is to make sure the child experiences consistency. We will bring the same resources every week and set up the room the same too! (So even if nothing else is certain for that week, they will know they are having play therapy with Jackie on a Wednesday at one o’clock).

  6. During the therapy process we will keep very close links with you to ensure we are working together to support the children.



What happens when a child is referred for play therapy?

Children Referred. Referral forms and initial SDQ’s completed

Vertical Line

Discussion with relevant person regarding case history and reasons for referral

Vertical Line

Observation of child

Vertical Line

Meeting with parent’s + consent gained

Vertical Line

Risk Assessment of playroom space

Vertical Line

Play therapy sessions begin with child

Vertical Line

Assessments every 6-7 weeks

Vertical Line

Continuous check in with parents/ professionals

Vertical Line

When SDQ scores reduce, child is visibly happier. Behavioural issues decrease and sessions reflect transition and resolution then case can be closed