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DfE approved Senior Mental Health Lead training

A Whole School Approach...

Our whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing changes practice, supports teacher development and empowers you to put wellbeing at the heart of your school. Create a culture where all teachers are confident at recognising the signs that children are struggling, and know how to respond. Create an environment where children are taught to understand their own mental health and are given the tools they need to flourish in the world.


This programme includes our signature Therapeutic Teaching course which is underpinned by neuroscience and trauma theory and will upskill you to become trauma-informed and attachment aware in a practical, tangible way.



We are skilled at closing the gap between theory and practice and give you step by step processes to help you initiate change. We will explore the impact of childhood trauma, how attachment disorder presents in school, therapeutic responses, cultivating emotional intelligence, creating calmer environments, and approaching challenging behaviour. All modules are all online and come with lifetime access, PDF reminders and additional resources to help you embed the approach so that the impact of the course continues long after you have completed the modules. This course will help improve behaviour, social, emotional, and academic outcomes, staff skillset, staff wellbeing, and children’s mental health.
In order to be eligible for the award, all schools must evidence that they are applying what they have learnt in the courses to their settings and must slowly embed therapeutic practices alongside the way. The programme also includes our wellbeing curriculum to support your PHSE with a specific focus on mental health and social/ emotional development.


Senior mental health lead, DfE grant funded

Receive a grant of up to £1,200

The DFE have released a grant of up to £1,200 which is available to Senior Mental Health Leads in schools from September 2021 to March 2022.

Find out more about DfE approved Senior Mental Health Lead Training

The grant is to help develop the knowledge and skills needed for senior leadership to implement an effective whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing in their settings. 

Reserve your grant by completing the DfE application service form


Our Award

It is important to note that you cannot use the DFE grant to fund the place of anybody other than the Mental Health Leader.

The training aspect of this award is open to all teachers and support staff and we encourage you to sign everybody up to the course modules.

DFE Course Code: SMHL007

Which staff are eligible for the grant?

How to book

Contact us at and a member of the TPC team will be in touch to discuss this further.

What is the process?

Let's do this together
Although this award is self-initiated through our online training platform, we are here to support and guide you along the way. It is important to us that the Therapeutic School Approach is embedded into your ethos and practices in a way that benifits every child. Here is what you can expect:

You Can Expect:



Ongoing Support:

Course Modules

Learn about childhood trauma and how it impacts a developing brain. Find out what happens when children are stressed or overwhelmed. Why they have ‘meltdowns’ and what the impact is on their behaviour and internal processing at school. Most importantly, learn what can you do to help. Underpinned by therapeutic approaches and full of advice and free resources. This session is vital for anyone working with vulnerable children or young people in an educational setting.

Learn about attachment disorder and how it impacts a child or young person. Find out how to identify attachment disorder and how to support the children you work with by ensuring you are not triggering attachment style behaviours. Full of practical strategies and advice to help you figure out what is effective and what is not effective at school. You will have lots to take away and implement. ​

Learn about how to develop therapeutic teaching skills with the children in your school. Find out how to adapt your responses to behavioural incidents and emotional outbursts to focus on connection and care. The lessons in this module will begin to create a therapeutic ethos amongst your staff and help guide everyone working with the children toward an approach that puts mental health and well-being first. A very popular session which will change perceptions and offer a lot of ‘ah-ha’ moments.

This module underpins the learning in other modules ​and should be taken following those sessions. Learn how to create a therapeutic environment throughout your school which puts well-being and mental health at its core. Find out how changing your classrooms, hallways and outdoor areas can increase feelings of safety and promote self-belief which in turn positively impact learning. Ensuring your school is meeting the needs of each child through its design.

Learn about emotional intelligence and how focusing on developing EI in your children can predict better outcomes and life skills than academic achievements. This module links to the government guidelines on health, relationships and sex education and will inspire you to put wellbeing at the heart of your classroom. Find out how you can increase emotional intelligence in the children you work with and help them become more self-aware and empathetic by following the advice, resources, and support in this module.

Learn about the importance of boundaries and consistency when working with vulnerable children. Find out how to approach behavioural incidents whilst still maintaining a therapeutic approach based on connection. With specific approaches and advice for you to begin to implement in your school. This session guides you toward alternative methods to time out and detention whilst still maintaining the boundaries many vulnerable children desperately need.

The Wellbeing Curriculum

Teaching and empowering the children
A whole school approach means upskilling the children too! After all, they are going to need the insight, awareness, and tools to support their own wellbeing and mental health long after school ends. Our lessons will help with this. 

What is included?

The Wellbeing Curriculum puts mental health and emotional wellbeing at the core of education. It complements the government’s PHSE and sex and relationships guidance and It is underpinned by the 4 key qualities we believe children need to learn about in order to flourish in life.
Each key quality is taught and explored through written lesson plans for all year groups. It also has 10 Core Happiness Project lessons for year 5+6 which are recorded, interactive sessions with Shahana Knight.

These lessons are:

The curriculum includes:

The wellbeing curriculum is designed to complement your current PHSE lessons rather than replace them. For primary schools, introducing daily practices and year 5+6 online lessons are a mandatory expectation of the award. All other lessons are optional. 

This award helps you meet the expectations laid out in the following DFE frameworks:

The DFE state that the mental health lead is intended to be a strategic leadership role with oversight of the whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing in their setting. They state that whole school approaches should develop senior leads by increasing knowledge and giving them practical skills and tools to be able to plan for a whole-school approach.

They have outlined specific learning outcomes which course providers are expected to meet. Leaders are expected to enrol in courses that meet one or more of these outcomes.

The Therapeutic School Approach meets the following outcomes:

Ethos and Environment
That promotes respect and values diversity.
 Staff development
To support their own mental wellbeing and that of pupils and students

As Seen on the BBC!

The BBC came to visit our pilot Therapeutic School and captured the impact from the children themselves!
This whole school course costs £5,000 this includes everything above as well as:
Additional costs:
You can book additional workshops with us to embed learning and discuss real cases for an additional charge of £200 for a two-hour session. These are linked to specific modules and can be booked virtually or face to face. Please be aware that these are subject to availability and depend on location.
Maintaining Standards
It is really important that after all of your hard work you do not lose momentum or dip in standards. In order to continue to have access to the wellbeing curriculum and renew your therapeutic school status each year for £400 a year.
This covers the cost of resubmission, assessment, a new banner, and relevant award badges.

It all sounds brilliant but you want a bit more info before you book? No problem! Contact us and we will talk you through how it all works and show you the training platform.

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