The Therapeutic School Award 

Becoming a Therapeutic School

Our whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing changes practice, supports teacher development and empowers schools to put wellbeing at the heart of their school.

With a focus on childhood trauma and the changing world, you will create a school that meets the needs of the children growing up in today’s world. This programme is like no other and will inspire changes in mindset and beliefs about what school should be. We will guide you, step by step toward becoming a therapeutic school. Upon completion, you will have a school who truly puts wellbeing at the core of every classroom, the environment, the curriculum and the minds of your students.

This is a year-long support package that is an all-encompassing approach.

The Journey

Step One

Getting to know each other

The first step is to arrange a visit. Pop the kettle on and tell us about what you are already doing in school and then show us around. We will make some notes, ask some questions and take some photos (a good time for photos would be when the children are out for break).

Alternatively, we can do this virtually

Step Two

Initial whole school assessment

We will send you our whole school questionnaires for both the children and the staff. Asking you things about your school that help us to assess how everybody is feeling about wellbeing and mental health. Our wonderful team will create an initial assessment report for you. The report will help us to see where things can be improved and offer insight into how the children and staff are feeling before we begin our work.

Step Three

Start teaching the Wellbeing Curriculum

We want to help you embed a long-term approach to wellbeing and empower every teacher to make a difference in their classrooms. Let’s face it, there is so much we need to teach children that isn’t on the current curriculum and we want to change that. The wellbeing curriculum puts mental health and emotional wellbeing at the core of education.

Find out more here

Step Four

Empowering the children through The Happiness Project PHSE Lessons

These 10 core online PHSE lessons are part of the wellbeing curriculum and teach children in KS2 how to manage their own wellbeing and mental health. Exploring key topics that will help them become emotionally intelligent, self-aware young people.

Step Five

Empowering the teachers through the Therapeutic Teaching Course

In order to change the school ethos, we need to start by changing mindsets, teaching and inspiring teachers to see things differently. Our accredited six-module, Therapeutic Teaching Course is designed to empower teachers to take a more therapeutic approach to teaching.  Based on essential childhood trauma theory and married together with real-life examples and practical strategies and resources it is very special. Over the duration of the six-module course, this embedded approach will inspire you and your team to

make changes to the way they think, teach and also

design your classroom environments.

Step Six

Let's focus on your wellbeing through our wellbeing inset days

A school who puts wellbeing at their core makes time for their staff too! We love delivering our wellbeing days. They are designed to help you to focus on yourselves, re-frame your mindset, practice some meditation, self-reflect and enjoy the day together as a staff team. Schools absolutely love this inset day, however if this isn’t for you then you can opt-out of this element if you prefer. (Availability depends on your location)

Step Seven

We need to check where you are at

Throughout the process you will be learning new strategies and techniques in our CPD sessions, teaching the wellbeing curriculum and making changes to your environments. You will be evidencing all of this through self-assessment forms too. We will visit three times in the year for a wellbeing check to see how you are getting on (or check-in through zoom). Have your criteria checklist available so we can see how you are doing. We will look over the school's targets and offer guidance and feedback about how to move closer to the Therapeutic School status. If we can, we will pop in on the year 5 and 6 classes who are taking our Happiness Project lessons too!

Step Eight

Preparing for the final assessment

As you near the end of the process you should have your criteria list nearly all checked off. By now you should see a change in the way in which school and the classrooms look, the daily routines of each class, the responses of the teachers and the emotional intelligence of the children. Now you are ready for your final assessment. You will be able to download the assessment forms just as you did at the start of your journey. Complete them and send them off to us. Our team will analyse the data from assessment one and this final assessment and generate an impact report. We will come in to do a final visit and check you have completed your targets too.

Step Nine

Congratulations! Wow! What a journey!

We love this part! We will come into school and present you with your Therapeutic School Award certificate and banner. We will take a few photos and congratulate you on how amazing you are! You will also receive a personalised video and graphics for your website/ email footer.

Maintaining Standards

It is really important that after all of your hard work you do not lose momentum or dip in standard. Continue to have access to the wellbeing curriculum, a growing library of resources and renew your therapeutic school status each year by subscribing to the Therapeutic Schools Hub. Continue to teach the wellbeing curriculum year on year and have access to support videos, mini CPD tutorials, lesson plans, homework and much more. We will also come out and visit you once a year to check your still meeting The Therapeutic School standard and issue a brand-new banner. The cost? £40 a month or £480 a year.

A Breakdown Of What's Included

  • An initial assessment audit

  • 6 core accredited CPD sessions which underpin the programme

  • Agreed targets with wellbeing checks

  • Staff wellbeing inset day

  • A wellbeing curriculum that ensures practical suggestions and tools taught in the training become embedded into the school’s approaches day to day

  • 10 Online interactive happiness project PHSE sessions for year 5 and 6 classes

  • Online resources and support

  • Final assessment

  • Impact report

  • Video/ banner/ graphics and award

How Is It Delivered?

  • Online training platform

Purchase Options

Whole school team 

£6,000 inc VAT

  • Book your whole school team on to the Therapeutic School Award, Senior Leadership Team, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Mid-day Organisers etc, by downloading and completing the spreadsheet below and sending it back to us.

  • We will enrol everyone on to the online training platform.

  • Move through the course modules together setting dates internally to ensure completion.

  • Schedule Video calls with Shahana Knight to ask questions, discuss real-life examples and bring it all to life.