Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Service

Making Emotional Wellbeing a Priority in Childhood

What We Do

We offer therapeutic interventions and professional support: 

  • Play Therapy Interventions
  • Creative Therapy Interventions
  • Sibling Sessions
  • Family Support/ Family Workshops
  • Theraplay
  • CPD and Twilight training for Teachers (Therapeutic Teaching Program)
  • A Whole School Approach to Mental Health (The Therapeutic School Program)
  • The Therapeutic Fostering Course
  • Free resources and helpful videos
  • Articles and Blogs



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Who We Are

TPC Therapy is directed by Shahana Knight who is a childhood trauma specialist and has a team of play therapists who support vulnerable children all over the UK.

We believe every child that has struggled with trauma or adverse childhood experiences should have access to therapy to help them move forward. Addressing issues around mental health and emotional wellbeing is essential for healthy development and should be a priority in childhood

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About Us Background

We work to the highest standards in everything we do!


Here are some of the agencies and professional bodies we (TPC Therapy Ltd) / our Associates are with. We uphold the highest standards of practice and expect our therapists to do the same.

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Professional bodies:


What is Play Therapy

Play therapy is designed to help children explore their feelings and experiences safety through play. Play offers a way for children to express themselves, organise feelings and understand them too. This is a child’s most natural form of self-expression and is a safe way of exploring difficult things. Often children do not have the language to explain what has happened, nor the self-awareness to understand how this has affected their behaviour and self-concept. Our therapists are specifically trained to help children to understand how their feelings and behaviours are linked and can help children heal from negative experiences through use of metaphor and imagination in the playroom.


A Look Inside Our Therapy Room

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